Great big Helsinki and a bunch of exchange students- brilliant combination!

Mittwoch, 30.09.2015

Hey and hello to who ever is reading this right know- I'm back again! I have to force myself a little bit to write and post stuff here because eventhough I love telling everyone storys and most of you know me as a little bit lazy, I'm most of the time too busy or to exited to set my current life on pause and do this blog..but I'm still doing my best!

This post will be a little bit different from the ones before because this time I traveled with a group of other exchange students through and around Helsinki. We had a language camp at the YFU office and went to explore the city afterwards. I asked for permission to show you also some pictures were you can see them so I hope it's still (or even more) interesting :)

Hard Rock Cafe Vor dem Presidentenhaus

you don't really see the presidents palace place thing behind us but-whatever :D


Don't ask! No photoshop needed: we met Coldmirror- a really genius german youtube girl in the streets (still feels not real o.ö weird coincedence)

this is one of my favorites, eventhough you don't see enything else than this finnish words: "rakastan teitä" - I love you all (deutsch: ich liebe euch alle) which I really appreachiate to know because I feel like I want to say it to all these amazing and magnificent people I met so far and also more to the ones I left behind in germany.

may I introduce you to the 'socially awkward club'? Thank you all for this amazing weekend

The beatles in Helsinki ♥


That was the photo stuff now a little bit of text because I kinda feel like this is an interesting effect that this whole year has on me.

(But before: this are just my experiences. Should you be on an exchange or plan to go on an exchange you shouldn't take this as an thing you are supposed or forced to have. An exchange year effects everyone in an different but amazing way. )

As maybe some people know I have 4 other exchange students on my school, so I don't feel that strange talking english in public or to finnish people, eventhough i really try to avoid it with for example cashiers or bus drivers. I'm not directly embarrased by not speeking their language but I don't want to attract peoples attention so much. In one point germans and finns are quite similar: some love to stare. It's probably normal but I notice it quite a lot and can't really get used to it. So head down and start adapting :)

But I have the feeling I managed it pretty good to adapt and get used to finland. I feel home here since I arrived (what probably gets credit in YFU and my hostfamily :)) but some time ago I noticed i see it as my HOME. When I see something about germany I feel like 'oh I know this country. I know it very good-" but i don't feel like it connects me to my home at the moment or that I feel like missing something. That doesn't means I'm not coming back or such things, it just means my tiny brain really got it now- "My home is where my heart is." (its true, no matter how overused it sounds)


Ok that's it so far because the last week was my week off because of the examens all finnish students have to pass, so I was mostly just drawing, walking with our two fluffy dogs and watching doctor who. I hope I'll soon have cool stuff to tell about again (maybe because school starts tomorrow again) and see you- Nähdään